start = -> write """ I ran around the corner, chasing the dognapper! But which way had he gone? """ menu "Down the street, at top speed!": street "Up that swaying ladder!": ladder "Into the pet store to hide!": store ladder = -> write """ I climbed up the rickety ladder -- no luck! But from here, I could see all around... <br> (What choices might happen next?) """ store = -> write """ I went into the pet store and straight to the back. There were three dogs in the store, and any one of them could have been my best friend's beloved Fido... <br> (What choices might happen next?) """ street = -> write """ I sprinted down the street as fast as I could! As I came up to a corner, I caught a glimpse of the dognapper just ahead of me -- """ menu "Keep going!": start # Run the first function to start the game do start